Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

September 21, 2017





GREAT:  If you want dependable and reliable this is the swaddle to go with.  It has been tested and loved by moms for years and years – heck my hospital where I delivered both my boys gave me one as a good-bye gift as it is the only swaddle they use.  Turns out it is the number one choice of hospitals.  While we have used many different swaddles in my house trying to figure out which one the boys loved the best, we inevitably always end back on this one.  If you have a little Houdini on your hands the microfleece version of the swaddle is your best bet as you can get a much together wrap compared to the cotton version.  When using the cotton version I would come in to find Christian usually with one hand in his mouth, but when using the microfleece he would still always be perfectly swaddled.


The ease of this swaddle is one of its very best qualities.  No longer do you have to have a PhD in swaddling techniques.  There is no fighting with your baby trying to fold a blanket around him while he kicks and grabs at the blanket totally messing up your tuck.  You are able to get the perfect swaddle every time.  The swaddle is so secure there runs no risk of it getting loose and obstructing baby’s face.  While the swaddle is tight at the top it leaves more room at the bottom so as to not restrict baby’s growing hips and legs.  As an added bonus the zipper zips from the top to the bottom, so the middle of the night diaper change becomes a whole heck of a lot easier.


GOOD:  It is so versatile as you can use three different ways – swaddle arms in, hand-to-face or one/both arms out to always ensure the baby’s best sleep.  This also makes transitioning to the Sleep Sack wearable blanket when it’s time to stop swaddling so much easier.  When Christian/Thomas started to show signs that they were about to roll we would start doing naps with one arm out.  After a day we would do nights with one arm out.  If things continued to go well in the sleep department we would bump naps to both arms out followed by night sleep.  Both times we were transitioned to the Sleep Sack within 3 days without any interruption in sleep patterns.


This was also a great product when Christian was diagnosed with a flat spot on his head.  We were lucky that we caught it early enough and had a great PT come to the house to give us some helpful tips.  The best, and most helpful, tip was placing a rolled up blanket inside his Halo Sleepsack Swaddle under the shoulder on the side that had the flat spot.  This forced him to sleep with his head turned to one side taking pressure off the flat spot.  This swaddle perfectly held the blanket in place securely under his shoulder even when he would roll all around his crib. 


BAD:  I make tall super skinny kids.  So my only complaint is that there is always a period of time when a size will fit my kid length wise but the swaddle ‘wings’ are huge on him and so I have to fold the inner wing in half and pull the outside wing extra tight to get a good fit.  It is easy to manipulate to make it fit my son safely it would just make me feel extra warm and fuzzy if both the length and weight size were the correct fits at all time.


UGLY:  I don’t have anything ugly to say about this swaddle.  We have multiple versions in multiple sizes and after we were done with the swaddle we have transitioned to the sleepsack. 


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