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September 20, 2017





GREAT:  This board has been one of the best ‘toy’ purchase I’ve made thus far as a mom.  I purchased when Christian was 9 months old and he loved it on day 1.  Thomas has been rolling across the playroom to get to this board for the last couple weeks so he started loving it around 5 months.  The board is endless hours of fun – each item encourages different fine motor skills and provides so much entertainment.  Rather than moving onto a different toy after a couple minutes, Christian will just move on to a different piece of the board.  After turning the light switches on and off for the 100th time he will then try ringing the bell or turning the light on and off.


My husband and I are terrible DIY people and therefore I purchased this off a store called AbbieCuteThings on Esty.  She was amazing!  There are a ton of boards to choose from with different items and if you can’t find the perfect board she will happily customize a board for you.  This is what I did as I really wanted the colored toilet paper holder (since Christian loved to spin things when he was younger) and I didn’t want his name on it but rather the ‘ABC’ (since I knew multiple children would be playing with this toy). 


GOOD:  This is a high-quality product.  There is nothing that feels cheap on this board.  In addition, the board is made with kids in mind as it is made of clean and smooth wood with the edges of the board round and sanded.


BAD:  I don’t have anything bad to say about this product.  It has been played with at least once every day since I purchased over a year ago.


UGLY:  The price is on the higher side at $120 – $160 depending on the items that are on the board.  You can get cheaper / more expensive if you go smaller / bigger in size.  It is important to note that you could make a board on your own for less than the price listed above.  For me though  – I’m not creative and it would have taken me weeks to make something like this and it wouldn’t have turned out anywhere near as amazing and cute as this board. 


To purchase CLICK HERE

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