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September 15, 2017





GREAT:  For me, Thermo was a game changer when it came to thermometers with my kids.  I tried other head scanning thermometers before and never got an accurate reading.  I’ve also used regular under the arm thermometers as well and still the readings would change every time I tried to take Christian’s temperature, even only seconds apart.  I was desperate to find a reliable device and was so happy when I found Thermo. 


With Thermo you are still using the no-contact head scanning motion but you are getting a precise temperature measurement which automatically syncs to the app on your phone which allows you to track temperatures, get reminder and even input related symptoms/medications for each member of your family.  This isn’t just something we use for the kids, this thermometer is used by the whole family.  Once the temperature is taken I am able to select which family member the reading belongs to from the thermometer.  Inside the app I’m able to see each family member’s stats in regards to their readings, symptoms and medications.  This couldn’t be more useful when your child, self or partner is sick.


Besides the awesome app and individual family member tracking Thermo uses a specific technology in order to get the precise readings called HotSpot Sensor Technology.  Basically when Thermo sweeps across the forehead, 16 infrared sensors take over 4,000 measurements to find the hottest point providing the most precise reading.


For me I have finally found comfort in taking my children’s temperatures with Thermo.  I feel confident that the readings it gives me are accurate and I love the ability to see how my child’s temperature is trending based on medications and time within the app. 


And just in case you prefer stats and clinical trials to my personal thoughts the clinical accuracy is +/- 0.4 F and is the rectal equivalent temperature.


GOOD:  The measurement process is fast and easy meaning I don’t have to hold my kids down or make them more upset while they are already feeling bad.  Two seconds – that is all you need and you get instant color coded fever indicator to tell you if the temperature is normal, elevated or high based on the age of the user.  Thermo is FDA cleared and a medically-approved thermometer with in-app educational information provided by Boston Children’s Hospital.


BAD:  Withings was purchased by Nokia so now the device is called Nokia Thermo vs. Withings Thermo which you see in my pictures (I’ve had this prior to the sale).  I always  get a little nervous when a new company comes in and takes over an existing product so I will have to wait and see if the app and product continue working as awesome as it did under Withings.


UGLY:  The price - $99.95 is definitely on the high-end for a thermometer, but to call it just a thermometer is taking away from its list of sophisticated features designed to help keep an eye on your family’s health.  To me, this truly is the most advanced thermometer and has been worth every penny knowing that I’m able to get accurate readings quickly when they are needed most.


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