Cybex Yema

September 14, 2017







GREAT:  I don’t normally get this dressed up to review a product, but when the product is as chic and stylish as the Cybex Yema it would be a disservice to the product to not be equally dressed up. 


The carrier isn’t just about looks - it also has the functionality and brains to match its beauty.  This carrier is a mix between a wrap and a structured carrier which is one of the reasons I love it so much – you get the best of both worlds.  You get the support, stability and security of a structured carrier with coziness of a wrap. This has also received its certification from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute so you can take comfort in knowing that your baby’s hips will be protected and safe while being worn in the carrier.  You can use this carrier from birth to approximately 2 years (7lbs – 26.5 lbs) which means you can start getting use out of this carrier on day 1 – without having to purchase additional inserts.  .  You can also use it in three different positions – front parent facing, hip carry position and back carry position.  I do love allowing my kid to forward face in a carrier; however this is not an option for the Yema.  The reason that the carrier was not designed for outward facing is because the company believes the position is not as ergonomically sound for the baby as the more natural inward-facing position.  I appreciate the company creating a carrier that they feel is the best for the baby.   I have bad back problems and have had issues with a lot of different carriers causing pain in-between my shoulder blades within 5 minutes of putting them on.  This is not the case with this carrier – the weight feels evenly distributed and the mix of the wrap and seating works like magic and prevents my back from hurting.  I’ve gone on many walks and park visits with my son in this carrier and have yet to cut my trip short due to back pain.  While all the padding makes this carrier extremely comfortable it does make it a little hotter to wear than other carriers I have tried so it may not be your first choice for a long walk in 100 degree weather.


GOOD:  The features on this carrier are endless and I can put it on in under 30 seconds. You have ergonomic seating thanks to the adjustable panel width inside the waist belt, head and neck support that grows with your baby, sun protection, soft padded waist belt for your comfort, pockets to hide the extra strap of the waistbelt for style, 100% wrap-like cotton material for the back support for the baby, padded shoulder straps for extra comfort and decorative wings to make a statement with every outfit you wear.  Oh and did I mention that it comes in its own garment bag when you take it out of the box!  The carrier is so easy to take on and off which is great when you are trying to wear baby while chasing after a toddler.


BAD:  The carrier is a little too bulky to fit in my diaper bag but can easily be thrown in the storage basket of the stroller or in the car.  The one feature I wish it had was a place to put my phone/key when out on a walk or out at the park. 


UGLY:  The only ugly you might get from this is the price – it can range from $199 - $260 depending on the color/design you choose.  This isn’t a huge difference from its competitors and the quality, design, look and feel of this carrier makes the price worth it.


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