Smilo On-The-Go Snack Container

September 12, 2017





GREAT:  Making food time fun.  These on-the-go snack containers come in three bright primary colors and in fun shapes.  With your purchase you get a car, truck and boat.  My son is a huge fan of snacks and when I pulled out the car and boat at lunch the other day his eyes lit up.  No longer was the snack his primary pre-meal focus - he wanted to play and explore with the containers as much as he wanted to eat his snacks.  These containers make those times when your kid gets a little too bored at the table easier.  Rather than carting around toys and a snack container you are combing the two - your snack container is also the toy!  Making mom life easier one container at a time :)


GOOD:  These are made of high quality BPA-free materials and are top dishwasher safe.  The material is light and at first inspection I was worried would be a little flimsy but I've been pleasantly surprised by how durable they have been.  The lid snaps on easily and securely - when it is on it is locked on.  The tops come off easily but not so easily that they accidentally open in your bag.  I have been keeping the car and boat in a side pocket of the interior storage bag in my diaper bag and haven't had any issues whatsoever with these containers.


BAD:  While it states that it is top shelf dishwasher safe I would advise you to hand wash as there is a disclaimer that multiple dishwasher cycles could compromise the lid fit.  I love these and don't want to ruin how great they work so I've been hand washing when needed.


UGLY:  I don't have anything ugly to say - you get three containers for $8.99 which is amazing price for such a great product.  Christian has been all smiles when we go out to eat with his new toys / snack containers.


To purchase CLICK HERE

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