Smilo Glow In The Dark Pacifier

September 12, 2017





GREAT:  This company was made to create pacifiers.  Co-developed by a medical-device designer and pediatric dentist, they have licensed their patent for medical devices and other products to other companies for more than 20 years.  In fact, the chief executive patented his first pacifier design when he was a sophomore in college and the pediatric dentist started working on his first pacifier design back in 1985.  After learning all of this I knew I had to give these pacifiers a try.  Smilo’s patented pacifiers support baby’s developing palate by expanding gently across the roof of their mouth during soothing preventing the pacifier from collapsing and causing a cross-bite.  The pacifier is reversible, meaning there’s no upside-down orientation and babies can more easily pop it into their mouths.  The pacifier comes in three sizes to ensure it properly fits your child's mouth at each stage of development.  Before kids I always debated whether or not I would give my kids a pacifier as I was aware of the dental issues some could cause.  Once I had my boys this wasn't even a question - both my boys loved to suck and I needed the pacifier so I could have a break.  It gives me some peace of mind knowing that these pacifiers were developed by dentist who have a history of making pediatric orthodontic devices.  This is truly an orthodontic pacifier.


GOOD:  There is nothing worse than trying to replace the fallen pacifier in the middle of the night - especially when you can't find it in the pitch black room and end up making the baby even madder than he already was.  With the glow in the dark pacifier this is no longer a worry.  These actually glow in the dark making them so easy to find.  No more ninja mom moves - I can walk in and walk right back out in less than 10 seconds.  The pacifiers are also made of medical grade and BPA free materials which always makes this mom happy.


BAD:  Thomas was already use to a different brand of pacifiers and it took a couple days for him to adjust a new design.  There was some initial frustration where he would immediately spit the new pacifier out and just look at me like wtf - but after a little encouragement he soon took to the new pacifiers and has been enjoying and loving them.


UGLY:  I have nothing ugly to say.  You get three pacifiers for $9.99.  I love the experience and knowledge behind these pacifiers and the peace of mind it gives me as a mom.


To purchase CLICK HERE

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