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September 11, 2017





GREAT:  Finally a baby bottle that my son loves as much as I do!  When I introduced this bottle to my son last week I was ready for the tears as my oldest would never take to a new bottle.  To my amazement Thomas instantly took to this bottle and was happily drinking the milk just as fast as he could.  He LOVED the bottle and the bottle loved him.  There was no gas or spit up and even his burps seemed more pleasant.  The shape and curvature of the nipple is very unique to the company and provides a natural flow mimicking the anatomy of the ducts inside a mother’s breast.  The latch Thomas has on this bottle looks identical to the latch he has when on my breast.  The surface and shape of the nipple helps provide a better and easier latch and one that makes transitioning from bottle to breast easier.  The shape and design of the nipple also helps reduce air intake and relieves pressure on baby’s mouth, tummy and ears.  There is also a leak-resistant venting system that prevents a vacuum from building up inside the bottle and works with the nipple shape to help simulate breastfeeding.


What is even better than my son loving the bottles is the fact that I love the bottles.  No more billion bottle parts to clean with tiny brushes – this bottle has three main pieces to clean – that’s it.  1-2-3 and you are done.  To make it even better they are big, easy pieces to clean.  It takes me about 30 seconds to hand wash a bottle and that is being pretty conservative on time.  I used to dread the end of the night after the boys were asleep as I knew what was awaiting me in the sink – bottles.  Now I’m not angry when washing bottles because it is so easy to wash these bottles and takes barely any time.


An interesting thing to note, and probably a reason I have loved these bottles so much, is that the company is founded by a team including a biomedical engineer, dentist and industrial designer who have over 50 US patents – including 2 bottle patents.  The products are made by dads who have a special ability to bring their engineering and medical backgrounds to the baby product world.


GOOD:  The thought that went into making these bottles can be seen throughout all the features and design.  The bottles are made of medical-grade and BPA-free materials which is always great for moms to hear.  They are dishwasher safe so if you aren’t a crazy person like me who insist on hand-washing bottles you can easily throw in the dishwasher.  The easy-grip sleeve is genius, especially for those with multiple children.  This gives you the ability to carry the bottle with your pinky finger – which when you only have one kid might not seem like a lot, but when you are trying to carry your 20 month old, 6 month old, bottle and sippy cup upstairs all at once this is a game changer!  The bottles comes in two sizes – 5 oz and 10 oz.  The reason I love this is because when you feed formula an 8oz bottle isn’t really 8oz, it is closer to 9oz.  So when you have a standard 8oz bottle, the bottle tends to leak.  By having a 10oz bottle you are giving yourself enough room to contain the milk without the risk of leaking.  The bottles are also incredibly light – I can’t seem to figure out how they made them feel so light, but they are abnormally light and that is a plus to me.  Finally, I love the look – sleek and modern feel to it makes me one happy mommy.


BAD:  The only negative thing I have to say about this bottle is that the first couple times Thomas used it milk would leak out of his mouth when drinking.  I think he was trying to adjust to the shape of the nipple as he was used to a standard Dr. Brown bottle nipple.  Over time he has gotten better about properly latching and retaining all the liquid, but it was a little annoying in the beginning as he would soak the top of his pajamas.


UGLY:  I really don’t have an ugly to say.  With your purchase of the tall bottles you get three bottles, nipples, lids, travel disc and one sleeve for $24.99.  While there are cheaper bottles on the market, the innovative design and small amount of bottle parts to clean make it 100% worth it.  I have been extremely happy with these new bottles and Thomas has loved them too.


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