Bentgo Kids Lunch Box

September 8, 2017






GREAT:  This box is AMAZING!  I am just now having to get into the world of lunch boxes as my son just started Mother’s Day Out for the first time this fall.  I immediately started searching for the best box to pack my son’s lunch and stumbled upon this and love it.  The best thing to me is that it is completely leak proof for both solids and liquids – and trust me I’ve put it through the ringer testing it out to make sure this was truly the case before sending it to school with my son.  There would be nothing worse to me than my son being on his own for the first time and pull out his lunch to find it completely ruined and leaking through into his backpack.  With this lunchbox that is no longer a worry as I’m confident in its ability to completely seal in the food.  Since this will be used by my toddler it also needs to be tough.  This lunchbox is rugged having a rubbersized overlay around the sides and internal hinges ensuring it can withstand the bangs and bruises that come with being used by a toddler.   What I also love are the different sections within the lunchbox.  I am no Martha Stewart and I have found that having the sections gives me more ideas regarding what to put in his lunchbox making sure he has a full and nutritious meal.

GOOD:  This box is FDA-approved and made from food-safe materials (no BPA, Vinyl, Lead or PVC).  The compartment tray is removable, dishwasher and microwave safe.  In addition to the box, you receive a free download of an eBook “Fun & Healthy Meal Guide – 30 Kid-Friendly Receipes & Meal Combos for Your Bentgo Kids” giving you helpful ideas for yummy meals that fit in the box.  The box is also extremely easy to clean and so far looks brand new after every clean.

BAD:  It is on the higher side for a lunchbox at $27, but so far the durability, quality, structure of the box and ease of use has made it worth its price.


UGLY:  I don’t have anything ugly to say about this product.  In addition to all the great and good above the company is a proud supporter of Feed the Children – an organization that provides hope and resources for children and families who do not have enough food to eat.  The company has pledged to donate a minimum of $100,000 through 2018.  I love it when I not only love a product but also love the company that makes the product.


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