Keter Bath Seat

September 7, 2017





GREAT:  The thought of trying to bath a 6 month old and 20 month old at the same time by myself use to terrify me – but not anymore since getting this seat.  This makes bath time so much more enjoyable for both my boys and me as I’m no longer constantly worrying about my 6 month old.  Thomas is able to comfortably and safely sit in his seat and I don’t have to worry about him falling over and hitting his head in the tub.  He LOVES getting to join Christian at bath time and Christian couldn’t be happier to get to play with brother in the water.  The seat acts as a second set of hands to help hold him when I’m reaching for shampoo, washing his hair or washing brother’s hair.  It gives me the ability to have a little bit more freedom during bath time – though I ALWAYS keep my eyes glued to Thomas as he is so young still.  I love that the seat encloses baby from all sides so no matter what side he tips to the seat will catch him.  Even if he slips backwards, there is a rod between his legs that help stop him from sliding too far down and the backrest behind him also ensures he doesn’t fall into the water.  The manufacturer states that is should be used for babies 7 – 16 months, but as Thomas is sitting well on his own I started using at 6 months.


GOOD:  There are 4 anti-slip suction cups for maximum safety ensuring that the seat doesn’t move while baby is in it.  In order to take the seat out of the bath tub there are tabs on both sides and when you pull the tabs the suction cups will release allowing you to remove from the tub.  The company states that the seat is made from non-toxic plastic but that is all the information I have been able to find regarding what the seat is made from.  It is super easy to clean and as it isn’t huge it is easy to store in the cabinets under the sink or a closet when not in use.


BAD:  If you have an anti-slip surface on your bath tub this product is not for you as the suction will not be able to grip the tub.  We have the Puj Grippy Adhesive Anti-Slip Treads on the kid’s bath tub and I have to position the suction cups in the spaces between the treads.  The seat will not stick onto the treads.  Please make sure your bath tub is conducive to the suction cups before using with your child!


UGLY: Do NOT let the bath seat give you a false sense of security.  You still need to be vigilant and watch your baby at all times.  Please NEVER leave a baby unattended in the bath tub, even when in this seat.  Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye – do not let the comfort of this seat lower your sense of security around bath time.


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