Costzon Playpen Safety Activity Center

September 6, 2017




GREAT:  Any product that can successfully hold multiple toddlers is a win in my book!  I purchased this for my son’s 1st birthday party so that parents would have a place to put their toddlers to play so they could also enjoy the party.  This playpen was absolutely PERFECT for that.  It is made of vibrant colors and one of the sections has built-in activity board with a picture house, spinning balls and a play phone.  The playpen is made up of 8 panels that build a pen with a diameter of 74”.  There is a swinging hinged door with a safety lock so your kids can’t get out when you are needing them to stay in.  You can adjust the playpen into different shapes such as an octagon, rectangle or square depending on your needs.  It can be used indoors or outdoors allowing you to use it in so many different ways.  If you don't have a room that you are able to use as a 'play room' this is a must-have item.  It can make any area of your house a 'play room' giving you a safe place to put baby or toddler to play.


GOOD:  It was extremely easy to put together and take apart.  The pieces easily lock into each other and when fully built it is very sturdy and holds up well to multiple toddlers running around in it.  There are suction cups on the bottom of the panels which help hold the pieces in place providing an area that will stand up to being pushed on.  The suction cups are only going to work on a smooth surface though so the place you are putting this is going to make a difference regarding how sturdy it is.  If the suctions aren’t able to work your little one will be able to push it around as it is extremely light weight.


BAD:  It is a little expensive at $110; however, it has a ton of uses and can be used for years to come.  When I had my second son, I used this playpen to create a barrier around his Rock n'Play so that I would be able to put him somewhere safe if I had to step out of the room while big brother was around.  With my two boys being 14 months apart I was nervous with how Christian would react and take to his new brother.  Luckily, Christian took instantly to Thomas and was always extremely gentle so I didn't end up needing the extra protection.  In addition, it comes with bear stickers to put on the panels; however, after trying to pull the third sticker off the paper unsuccessfully I decided to give up on the stickers.  From what I’ve read they rip easily and are really easy for the kids to pull off so I’m glad I didn’t go through the hassle of trying to put them on, especially as I was failing miserably at it.


UGLY:  I really don’t have anything ugly to say.  This playpen creates the perfect place for your child to play while keeping them contained and safe.


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