NUK Gerber Graduates Tri-Suction Plates

September 5, 2017




GREAT:  Sometimes you don’t want to spend $20 per plate for your toddler, but you still need the plate to stick to the table and be durable enough to withstand the abuse of a toddler – enter these plates.  While I love my EZPZ mats to death, I don’t always want to pay those prices – especially when I want to have extra plates laying around the house for when friends come over.  These plates are fantastic and suction so well to the table I even have trouble removing them sometimes.  I will caveat this to say that it does matter where you try to stick these plates and the surface that you try to stick them to – but for me our table works like a charm.  My son can occasionally get these off himself but it takes him a lot of time and effort to do so and I’m always able to catch him before he succeeds.   There are three compartments to keep the food separated, which is a plus as I love to provide different options for him for breakfast/lunch/dinner and it isn’t always great when the food mush together.  The plates are also dishwasher safe, microwaveable and BPA free.


GOOD:  The price!  You can get a two pack of these for $6 so you really can’t beat a deal like this.  I keep extras of these in my cabinets at all times.  When we have friends stay the weekend with us we go through a lot of plates/bowels with all the little ones running around the house and the price makes it easy to buy more than I need.  This way I’m not having to do the dishes every two seconds – I can enjoy my time with friends and family while still having enough plates for everyone at the next meal.  These are also great to travel with because if you lose them or forget them you won’t be too upset because at 2 for $6 you can easily replace.


BAD:  You have to have the correct table / high chair surface for these to work.  Our kitchen table is a very smooth surface and these stick like a dream to that; however, I have been told by other people that they do not work well on a wood table or other bumpy surfaces.


UGLY:  I don’t have anything ugly to say.  These are great to keep in your house for when you have a bunch of tiny house guest or even to travel with as they are cheap enough to where you won’t care if you lose them.


To purchase CLICK HERE

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