MiaMily Hipster Plus

August 28, 2017






GREAT:  I have a history of back problems and up until finding this carrier I always had the issue of back pain when trying to baby wear with a structured carrier.  Not with this thing though – now my baby and my back can be happy J.  The ergonomic design distributes your child’s weight evenly between your hips and shoulders which protects your back and maximizes your comfort.  I know a lot of carriers claim this, but this is the first structured carrier that actually makes me feel it too.  I think it is in large part due to the built-in seat which not only helps with the whole back pain issue but protects your baby’s hips.  The seat encourages a natural sitting position recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for your baby’s healthy development.  I think a lot of fear new moms have in regards to baby wearing is whether or not they have their child’s leg position correct in order to protect their hips.  This seat is a HUGE help and makes me feel confident that my baby is correctly positioned every time.    I also love that this one carrier allows me to carry my baby/toddler NINE different ways (6 ways with standard purchase and an additional 3 with an extra purchase).  I’m a huge fan of wearing just the seat when Christian is in an extra clingy mood as it takes pressure off my back/arms and I’m able to carry him around for a longer period of time.  When Thomas was younger he loved facing into me while in the carrier but now that he is older and more curious with the world he enjoys that he can face out and I love that I have so many options with just one purchase.


GOOD:  The features.  Like I stated above I’m a huge fan of the built-in seat that can be worn by itself or apart of the whole carrier system.  There is also a large storage pocket within the seat that can easily hold your cell phone, keys, diapers and wipes so that you don’t even need to worry about lugging a diaper bag around for those on-the-go activities.  This is so helpful having my two under two as I need to be able to chase after my toddler while wearing my baby and not have to also worry about a bag.  It is also great for all seasons as you can unzip the removable front pocket of the Hipster Plus to find stay-cool mesh material underneath which keeps your baby cool and comfortable in the hot summer.  When you purchase the carrier you also get a head cover, two cotton teething pads and a foldable storage bag.


In addition to the features I love that I can put this on in 30 seconds.  There are no intricate buckle systems or complex mechanisms to figure out.  This is crucial for me as I usually have a toddler running around while trying to put on so I need something that won’t allow him to get too far.  The carrier is also made of high-quality, wipeable fabrics and when all else fails you can throw it into the washing machine!


BAD:  It is a little on the bulky side so while it doesn’t make traveling with it impossible it does make it a little more cumbersome than other options on the market.  For me, my comfort means a whole lot so I’ll take a little extra bulk to lug around over a sore back any day of the week.  Don’t expect to be able to fold this up and throw it into your diaper bag though (unless you have a lot of empty space), it has more of an under the stroller type design to it.


UGLY: I don’t have anything ugly to say about this carrier – it has literally saved my back when it comes to baby wearing and I didn’t have a choice when my second came about whether or not I would baby wear – it became a necessity.  I’m so thankful I found this carrier.


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