Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Table

August 28, 2017





GREAT:  To say my son is OBSESSED with water doesn’t fully describe his love for water.  He also has an amazing ability to find the water feature no matter where we are.  I knew that once the weather started warming up a water table was a must.  Once I saw this table I had to get it as I thought the pirate theme was adorable and so appropriate for a water table.  He was soooooo excited when we took it out of the box that he stayed glued to my husband the whole time he was building it, just chomping at the bit to play with all the toys.  The table doesn’t even have to have water in it to entertain my son.  He plays just as much with the table when it is empty as he does when it is full of water.  There is so much for him to play with.  Included with the table is two pirates, a shark, a lifeboat, raft, a bucket, a scooper and a strainer.  My son is a huge fan of the song Baby Shark so he has been enamored with the shark toy.    The table itself has a water cannon that squirts, a steering wheel that spins and an anchor that you can raise and lower.  The center mast is attached to a pump that creates a water fountain.  This thing has been hours of fun.


GOOD:  The table is a great height for my son (started playing with it at 15 months), is very stable and sturdy and holds up nicely to the elements.  This table has been through some pretty crazy thunderstorms and hasn’t had any issues or problems yet.  It has also taken a pretty good beating from my son as he loves to play with rocks and sticks in the pirate ship.


BAD:  When we pulled out all the pieces we couldn’t find the screws for the legs.  We kept going through the bag with all the screws counting and matching each one to the directions over and over again.  We couldn’t believe that we were missing pieces.  My husband was all set to go to Home Depot to find some screws that would work when I opened up the bag with the steering wheel, as Christian wanted to play with it, and low and behold the screws for the legs!  So if you feel like you are missing pieces make sure you open all bags – even the toys bags first as the piece you are looking for might just be hiding in there.


UGLY:  I don’t think the drain system is the best, but the rest of the toy is so great that I’m ok overlooking this.  Just know that it takes a little bit of effort in order to fully drain the toy as there are areas that can trap water.


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