Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Cup

August 18, 2017




GREAT:   This is the best 100% plastic-free cup on the market.  It is made of food grade anti-bacterial, #304 stainless steel, uses medical grade silicone and are independently certified to be 100% free of BPA, phthalates, lead, petroleum and PVC.  The cup boast zero migration of heavy metals, meaning the stainless steel will maintain its integrity and not leach heavy metals into your child’s drink. 


As if the safety of the cup wasn’t enough to sell you, these cups can be used as an infant bottle, sippy bottle, straw bottle, sport bottle or snack container – it grows with your kid instead of your kid growing out of it.  Each bottle is compatible with all other lids in the Pura line allowing the cup to transition from a bottle to sippy cup in seconds.  If you want to use these cups as a bottle, but your child prefers a specific brand’s nipples – no problem!  The cups are compatible with a ton of name brand nipples.  I wish I had known about these before having Christian and definitely would have given them a try as a bottle.  I found out a little too late and he started using after he was one with the straw top for his water cup.  Thomas is about to start learning how to drink out of a sippy cup and will be using these cups with the sippy cup top.


There are two versions – standard and insulated and multiple sizes (5, 9, 11 oz).  The insulated can keep a drink warm or cold for up to 24 hours with ice and 8 hours without ice.  I just use the standard version and still feel like it keeps Christian’s water cold for hours.


GOOD:  The bottle is so easy to clean, as both the bottle and the tops are dishwasher safe, and it is virtually leak proof.  I love when you don’t have to hand clean a baby product so it makes me happy that I can just throw this cup in the dishwasher and be on my way.  When you have the cap on this cup is leak proof, but it can drip minimally when the cap is off.  When Christian decides to turn it upside down and shake it with all his might purposefully trying to get some water out of the straw it will leak just slightly.


BAD:  The only issue I’ve encountered is after the billionth drop and wash the bottom has warped on two of the cups so that they wouldn’t sit 100% flat on the table anymore.  This was an easy fix as I just took a hammer to the bottom and a couple taps later we were good as new. 


UGLY:  These are definitely on the higher end for a cup at $19.99 for standard and $25.99 for insulated; however, you can use them for years and rather than just a couple months before the kid outgrows the spout and it is time to buy a whole new cup.  My kids will use as their sippy cup, straw and eventually sports drink when they get old enough.  It is more expensive now but is worth every penny in the long run.


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