Inglesina Fast Table Chair

August 17, 2017






GREAT:  This is one of my top 5 FAVORITE baby products of all-time.  It stays in my car so that I have it with me no matter where I go – which shows you just how much I love it.  My family loves to go out to restaurants and if you are like my family you need to get this product ASAP.  When Christian started sitting it became very apparent to us that he was no longer going to be happy sitting in his car seat when we went out to eat because he really wanted to be a part of the action.  He had just started sitting so I really didn’t feel comfortable putting him in a high chair (even with a high chair cover) as I felt it wasn’t very sturdy or stable and could see him falling out.   So I started looking around, found this and it has been the BEST thing ever!  Christian absolutely loved it from day 1 and even at 20 months he still loves sitting in it when we are out.  Can he sit in a normal high-chair, of course, but he has been in this seat since he was 6 months old and he is very comfortable in it.  There is a lifted backrest and firm seat providing much better comfort than a standard restaurant high chair.  Since he has been using it from such a young age I think it also provides him a little bit of comfort and routine.  He doesn’t try to get out of it or whine – he knows when he is in it we are going to eat and enjoy a meal as a family and he has to stay in it until it is time to leave.  Now that Thomas is starting to sit and is beginning to eat more than just his milk he is going to be kicking big brother out of the seat and taking over.  I’m very interested to see how Christian reacts to this because like I said he LOVES his seat.

GOOD:  Easy to use, easy to travel with and easy to clean.  The twist-tight clamps that hold the chair to the table fit almost every type of table up to 3.5” thick.  All you do is twist till its tight and you are good to go – can’t get any easier than that.  Since using this for the last 14 months there have been four times that I wasn’t able to use the chair and both times it was because the table had a large lip that prevented the clamps from being able to hold properly.  The chair has a fold-flat closing system which makes it easy to take with you.  We leave ours in the car so that we have it with us everywhere we go.  It is lightweight to carry and I have no problem carrying this, the diaper bag and 1 child.  There is a convenient carry bag that is included and fits both the table chair and dining tray (dining tray is purchased separately*) and what is even better is that the bag is sewn to the bottom of the chair so you can’t lose it!  The cover is removable and while the manufacturer states that it is hand washable I throw mine in the washing machine on delicate and have never had an issue. 


*When I first purchased, I only bought the seat as I was completely unaware of the dining table option that can also be purchased.  When Christian really started eating solid foods I was alerted to the dining table and looked more into it.  Once Christian started pulling up the silicone table mats that I would put his food on I pulled the trigger on the dining table and it has been amazing.  I love that his food is on a surface that I clean and control the cleanliness of.  It also has a cup holder that perfectly fits his water cup.  The lip around the edges also keeps crayons or other toys on the table in front of him rather than rolling to the floor. 


BAD:  In order to take on and off of the table you have to twist the clamps open and close.  Depending on the thickness / thinness of the table (and how open/shut the clamps were prying to putting on) this can take a little bit of time.   We aren’t talking about anything ridiculous, but when you have a toddler and are trying to get him in his seat at the table every second counts.  In addition, it is not righty tighty, lefty loosey – it is the opposite which is confusing in the beginning. 


UGLY:  I can’t think of anything ugly to say about this product.  We have used for 14 months and will use for another 14 months with Thomas.  I always have moms stop and ask me about the product when I am at a restaurant.  If your family likes to go out to eat or travel or if you don’t want a standard high chair in your house this is the product for you!


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