Caroline 220 Breast Pump Bag

August 15, 2017





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GREAT:  This bag is so functional while not losing any of its style.  As we all know I hate things that scream baby and a lot of breast pump bags do just that.  I work for a private equity company that is mostly comprised of males, so I really, really wanted a bag that would be discreet, stylish and could hold all the items I would need for both work and pumping.  Enter the Caroline 220 bag.  When I initially received the bag I thought “This bag is big.”  Prior to using it I worried that it bordered on being too big – but once I put it into action I realized that it provided me the space I needed.  Before this bag, I would have to carry a large tote that acted as my computer bag/purse and then another large tote that acted as my breast pump bag.  Now all I need is the Caroline 220 bag and it holds both my work and pump items.  What is even better is that it is useful – the insulated side pockets allow me to transport my breastmilk to and from work knowing that it will stay at an appropriate temperature.  I’ve also traveled with this bag and the pocket helped keep my breastmilk cold while getting to/from my destination.  *Note - I always put an ice pack in the pocket with the breastmilk to ensure it stays at a good temperature and this bag kept the ice pack extra cold.

This is more than just a breast pump bag, it can be used long after you stop pumping given its size, look and storage space.  We recently had a girl’s staycation in Dallas and I was able to pack everything I needed for the night (make-up, clothes, shoes, clutch, etc), including my pump gear, in just this bag.  Rather than lugging around a suitcase / purse / breast pump bag, I fit all my items into this bag.  We have a wedding in Greece coming up at the end of the month and I already know I will be using this bag as my carry-on bag.  My suitcase always gets lost every time we go to Europe and therefore, this time I will be prepared and bring the essentials on the plane with me.   It is nice knowing that everything I need will be able to fit into this one bag, rather than having to lug around multiple bags.


GOOD:  Features.  First, the exterior and interior are water resistant which is great in case any breastmilk spills (though there will still be tears over losing that liquid gold), you have two insulated side pockets to help keep your pumped milk cool for hours, photo pockets within each side pocket to keep a picture of your baby so that you can see him/her while pumping (which is said to increase pump output), two interior open pockets and an interior zippered pocket for extra storage and a padded cross body strap for comfort if you prefer to carry messenger style.  In case you need even more room in your bag, this bag also has expandable sides to give you that extra bit of room.


BAD:  When I first got the bag there was a tiny bit of an odor to it; however, after a couple times using the bag it completely went away and there is no longer any sort of smell associated with the bag.  Know the bags are completely free of PVC, BPA, phthalates, lead and any other material or chemical that could potentially be harmful to you or your baby so please do not worry if your bag initially has a little bit of a smell to it.  Heck the photo pockets are made out of TPU which is considered to be a safer alternative to PVC – this company has your safety at heart!


UGLY:  I don’t have anything ugly to say about this bag.  I’ve been using for almost a month and it really has made carting my breast pump to and from work easier, as well as, bringing it with me when I travel easier.  Not only is the bag great but the company is pretty awesome too. The company donates at least 50% of their net profits to charities that benefit children and their families and has a ‘pay what you think is fair’ option as they know that raising kids is expensive and not everyone can afford a $150 breast pump bag.  I love it when I not only love a product but also the company that makes a product.


To purchase CLICK HERE – and don’t forget to use ENTIRELYBABY to receive 50% off through the end of August.

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