OXO Tot Waterproof Silicone Roll-Up Bib

August 14, 2017




GREAT:  When the spaghetti sauce has made it all the way into the eyebrows you will be thankful you had this bib!  I love this bib for a couple key reasons:  (1) it catches the food that misses the kid’s mouth instead of letting it drop into their lap or onto the floor.  When you have a toddler this becomes everything.  We all know that toddlers feel they can do everything on their own, but the reality is 99% of the bites completely miss their mouth and land somewhere else.  If they are wearing this bib that somewhere else will be in the silicone pocket and not on their clothes or the floor, (2) this is so easy and great to travel with.  I actually place my son’s spoon and fork in the silicone bib, roll it closed and then throw in my diaper bag – this keeps everything meal related in one place.  After the meals is done I repeat and now the messy bib, fork and spoon are secured and my diaper bag is kept safe from the mess, and (3) the velcro is much stronger than other bibs that I have used making it much harder for my son to rip off when he randomly decides he is done.  Now I’m not saying it is impossible for him to rip off because if he is determined he can still do it, this will just slow him down.


GOOD:  These bibs are easy to clean!  I usually just wash in the sink, hang up to dry and by the next morning it is good to be used again, but they are machine washable if you prefer to go that route.  Both the fabric and silicone part of the bib are comfortable, durable and can be wiped clean.  It is also BPA, PVC and phthalate free.


BAD:  The only way this bib could get better is if the entire bib was made out of the silicone material without sacrificing the way it works now.  The current material it easy to wipe off and wash; however, after a while the top fabric starts to show some wear and can stain; whereas the silicone portion will still looks brand new even 100 uses later. 


UGLY:  I don’t have anything ugly to say about this product.  Overall I have been extremely happy and have been using these bibs for over 10 months now with Christian.  I especially love to take them on the go as they keep my diaper bag mess free!


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