Bloom Fresco Highchair

August 11, 2017






GREAT: I love that you can use this high chair from birth all the way up to 8 years old (though most people probably won’t ever use that long).  When you are spending money on a baby product, it makes it a little less painful when you know you can get years and years of use out of the product and this is one of those scenarios.  To use at birth the chair has 3 different recline positions so that baby is always held at an angle that is comfortable and age appropriate based on head control and stability.  The recline feature was so useful for me as my oldest son, Christian had terrible reflux as a baby and would need to be held at an upright angle for 30 minutes after being fed.  This chair was the perfect spot for him to relax in after a feed and most importantly held him in the perfect position for him to comfortably digest his food.  It has also been a great place to put both Christian and Thomas in while my husband and I had breakfast and dinner.  It can fit to any table height so whether you eat at a kitchen table or kitchen counter, baby can always be at the perfect height.  By being able to use this high chair for day 1 meant one less baby product we had to lug around the house to put baby in.  With our open concept floor plan it has definitely been a go-to spot.


GOOD: I am absolutely in LOVE with the look of the high chair and to be honest it is one of the top reasons why I was willing to spend more on it.  We have an open concept kitchen so it is going to be seen in the house – there isn’t a corner to hide it in.  This high chair is more of a statement piece then an eye-sore (which unfortunately a lot of high chairs are).  It has a modern design and sleek look that easily blends in with the décor of our house rather than screaming BABY!  There are two tray tables for the chair – a smaller one for activities and a larger one for food.  They are both super easy to clean and to put on and off.  The high chair also swivels so baby can be turned to wherever you are in the room.


BAD: The high chair, as a whole, is pretty easy to clean which is good as it will always be messy - but there are areas of the high chair which are a pain in the butt to clean as there are smaller crevices where food can fall into. It's also a little difficult to put together - the instruction manual is useless, in my opinion, but thankfully there are a ton of YouTube videos out there to help you. I swore that I was missing a piece for days because I couldn’t figure out how to make the booster seat work.  Thankfully after watching many YouTube videos I got it working great.


UGLY: The price, the price, and the price. What's worse is that you usually have to buy the starter kit pads, in addition to the chair, in order to make the chair complete. It's expensive (top of the chart for high chairs) but it's also a piece in your house not just a baby product and your child can use it for years and years and years.


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** For a more affordable option I have read and heard great things about the Joovy Nook.  It has a minimaistl design feel to it so it isn't an eye-sore in your house, can fold for easy storage when not in use and a swing open tray system so that you can use with one hand.



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