Nuna Sena Aire Playard

August 10, 2017






GREAT:  The features and innovation on this thing is unreal and for that I absolutely LOVE it!  First, the whole thing is basically made from mesh to provide advanced air flow – you have mesh sides, a mesh floor and a mesh mattress.  A mesh mattress is significant as it helps pull away both heat and humidity keeping baby cool and comfortable.  The mattress’ zip off design is machine washable and dryer safe and the ventilated panels can be easily removed for those deep cleans.  The sheet and mattress have velcro squares which help keep the sheet in place no matter how wiggly the kid is and ensures the mattress also stays secure.  The most unique feature is that the playard can be folded down completely with the bassinet still attached.  This is huge!  It is the only product on the market that has this ability.  I always used to dread using a playard when baby is an infant because the bassinet is such a pain to take on and off.  Plus trying to keep up with all the pieces when off is a nightmare.  No longer is this an issue, especially as the bassinet is one piece.  One handed fold even with the bassinet on – sign me up!


GOOD:  It looks pretty and seems super comfortable.  I’m a huge fan of modern furniture pieces and design and I love that this looks good in a room.  Again, it doesn’t scream baby and we all know how much I love products that don’t scream baby.  It is sleek and just has a good look to it.  It also seems like it is super comfortable.  When you touch the mattress, you can literally feel the quality.  It is soft but still provides support and comfort for the kid.  The mesh design is also an added benefit as it keeps the kid cool in this Texas heat.


BAD:  I have nothing bad to say about this product.  You can tell so much thought was put into every detail.  The way it folds, the way the pieces fit together, the material it was built with – everything is so perfectly thought out.


UGLY:  Compared to its direct competition (4Moms) the price is right on track; however, compared to the full market of playard options it is on the high-end at $299.99.  One thing that separates it from its direct competitor on price is that you don’t have to buy sheets separately – the organic sheet is provided for free. You can use this product from birth to 3 years old and you surprisingly use it a lot especially if you have family who lives in a different city, family with kids who come stay with you, etc.  I remember, prior to having Christian, I didn’t think having a playard was that important as I didn’t think I would ever use it – boy was I wrong.  I can’t tell you how many times it has come in handy.  I use it so much that when this product came out I treated myself to an upgrade and bought it.


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