VTech Digital Audio Monitor

August 9, 2017




GREAT:  This is the BEST travel monitor!  When I travel I want a product that is light and compact so that it is easy to pack or carry and at a price ($17.99) that I won’t cry if it were to get lost or damaged.  This is that product for audio baby monitors.  Once my kids are sleeping through the night I don’t find it 100% necessary to see them when we travel (I still like to have my main home monitor video until they are 18 – kidding – kind of).  I’m able to clearly hear my kid anywhere that has electricity as the baby unit has to be plugged in at all times to be used.  The parent unit can be clipped to you and carried on you as you can use with batteries or plugged in.  The fact that there isn’t a need for Wifi means that you can use it anywhere you travel with no fear the signal isn’t strong enough.


GOOD:  Features!  For a low-priced monitor this has some great features.  First and most importantly is the range on this thing is great.  The manufacturer states up to 1,000 feet but I’ve never had an issue with it losing signal and I feel like I have gone past the 1,000 feet range.  There is a 5-level sound indictor on the parent unit which indicates the level of sound in your baby’s room so you can visually monitor the noise level if you need to have the unit muted.  You can also use with up to two parent units so that more than one person can monitor the baby if needed.


BAD: The only thing I wish this had was rechargeable batteries as sometimes I leave it on unplugged when not in use and when I need it at night the batteries are drained.  This means I either have to find new batteries or keep it plugged in and when I’m traveling I usually don’t have the option of finding new batteries.  The company makes an upgraded version for about $20 more that has rechargeable batteries and two-way communication I just don’t need these features for $20. Again, my travel items I like to keep as low-priced as possible in order to not worry about packing it or losing it.

UGLY:  Nothing.  For the price this is one of the best audio monitors on the market.  It is dependable and a quality product that I know I can trust.


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