GB Pockit Stroller

August 9, 2017





GREAT:   How have I not tried this stroller sooner?  I kept hearing things about it but never pulled the trigger and now I’m kicking myself for not getting it sooner.  It is beyond small / compact (world’s smallest folded stroller), incredibly lightweight (less than 11lbs) and yet somehow still manages to push like a dream!  Seriously, the smooth push this stroller has is mind blowing.  I took it to the zoo yesterday and felt like I was pushing my UppaBaby Vista because it had that nice of a ride to it.  They aren’t lying when they say the world’s smallest folded stroller.  This thing is smaller than my youngest son, Thomas when folded.  It fits in my larger purses and for traveling it would fit in the overhead compartment or the seat in front of you.  You wouldn’t even need to gate check this stroller, just bring it on the plane with you.  I’m seriously obsessed with this stroller.  If you have a trip coming up, or especially if you love to travel, and only need a single stroller this needs to be on the top of your list ASAP!


GOOD:  The fold on this stroller is sooooooo easy, the seat materials are soft and comfortable, it can hold a child up to 55lbs and you can literal fit it in a large purse/bag (and believe me I tried putting it in several different bags that I own).


BAD:  Since it is a small stroller this means small storage.  You aren’t fitting a diaper bag underneath the stroller but I was easily able to hook my parent organizer on the back of the stroller to give me some extra room.  Using both the parent organizer and small storage basket I was able to bring everything I needed (with room to spare) to the zoo with me for Christian. 


UGLY:  I am pale and I make pale children; therefore, the sun is our enemy.  The canopy of this thing is weak and doesn’t provide much cover.  I prefer my kids cocooned in the canopy and fully protected from the sun.  On a super-hot Texas day this would present as a problem to me.  You can easily purchase an additional shade (not sold by GB) to provide more coverage.


** The big question of the day though, is do you buy this stroller or wait for the slightly larger / upgraded GB Pockit + version?  My advice – if you have a need for only a single stroller (only child or oldest child doesn’t use stroller so only have need for youngest child) you should buy this stroller now.  If you are expecting or have a newborn (or any child under 6 months as the kid needs good head control for the current version) then I would wait to get the Pockit +.  The biggest difference with the Pockit + is that the seat has a small recline feature and it is compatible with Cybex car seats.


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