B. Zany Zoo

August 7, 2017






GREAT:  This thing is months and months and months of fun - in fact we are still counting how long this will entertain my toddler for.  I purchased when he was 10 months old and 9 months later he is still entertained by this toy.  There are so many things for your child to play with and it grows with your child.  My son loved pulling himself up on this toy when he was learning to stand and really enjoyed being able to play with something while standing.  Now he sings the alphabet while spinning the letters, still loves to spin the balls on top and will play peek-a-boo with the animals.  He finally has learned how to pull all the knobs to the top on his own and then watch them spin back down.   This isn't a toy that will be out for a month or two, this is a permanent toy that will continue to be used for months. 

GOOD:  I really love that this toy doesn't have a sound component to it - in fact there are no batteries required.  While I love a good electronic toy, there is something nice to a good ole wooden toy that doesn't get an annoying song stuck in your head.

BAD:  It is very sturdy but this toy can fall over - in fact my son has learned how fun it is to purposefully flip it over on occassion.  You do need to be careful when your child is in the early ages of standing so that he/she doesn't pull it onto him/her when trying to stand.

UGLY:  There is nothing ugly about this product - it is a well-made and well thought out toy that is worth every penny as it is a long lasting toy.


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