OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps

August 4, 2017





 GREAT:  When little brother started eating solids it became time to transition Christian to a big boy chair.  I was nervous with how the transition would go but with this seat it was easy and seamless.  He loved sitting in it and most importantly he was secure and safe when sitting in it.  No matter if he is wiggling around or sitting still the seat always looks and feels very stable and secure.  It is tightly strapped to the chair and doesn’t budge.   That was my biggest concern with these types of chairs – whether you could honestly get it tight enough to where it felt solid and this chair does just that.  There is a 3-point harness that keeps the kid securely in the booster seat and while Christian has learned how to buckle himself in there is no way he could get himself out right now.  When your kid is old enough (3+) you can remove the straps and continue using as a booster seat. 


GOOD:  I love that it looks great in my kitchen (multiple colors to choose from), folds up easily and compact, and has a streamlined, modern design that doesn't scream BABY – which you all know I love.  The design is great for traveling with and storing as it folds quickly and is compact enough to put almost anywhere.  It takes very little time to put on and take off the chair and the mechanism to tighten the straps around the chair is simple to use.


BAD:  There is a small gap between the foam seat and where the plastic back meet which is a beacon for crumbs and bits of foods to fall into.  It makes cleaning a bit of a hassle as you must pull off the foam seat and use a vacuum to get into the little crevasses.


UGLY:  Don’t really have an ugly.  There are other brands on the market that are similar in design that cost a little less, but you can’t fold and store like you can this seat.  For me, I’m willing to spend $5-$10 more to get the compact fold for travel and storage.


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