Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack

August 2, 2017





GREAT:  I love that this is an extremely useful product that doesn't scream Baby In The House!  It is cute and even brings some warmth into the kitchen.  I place it next to my sink and it just sort of fits in.  Rather than immediately trying to dry the billion different parts that make up a bottle or the pacifiers, teething toys, etc, I just place them on the grass once I finish washes and go about my day. When I had my first son I didn't think I would need this as I was breastfeeding; however, there are so many more uses for it then just bottles.  Also, life doesn't always go as planned and when my son refused to take the breast anymore I was thankful I had this to put both the breast pump parts and bottles on.  I can just rinse the pieces and then throw on this.  It allows for everything to be perfectly air dried and ready to be used again the next day.  For its small size it packs a big punch in its ability to hold a lot of stuff.  I purchased the twig accessory to hold the pacifiers and bottle nipples giving me even more room on the one patch of grass.  You can also use this after baby as almost anything that needs to be air dried can go on this.


GOOD: Since you are able to remove the grass, cleaning is a cinch.  Just pull of the grass wash in the sink, give the white tray a little scrub, dry the white tray, shake off the grass and you are good to go.  The tray is awesome as it catches all the water from the products you place on the grass, leaving your counters clean, but this does also lead to my ugly below.


BAD:  The grass blades are a little stiffer than I would have liked.  With my first I bought every bottle under the sun in anticipation of him hating bottles - he instead LOVED bottles way more than the breast.  The majority of bottles that I purchased worked with this product but there are some brands that don't work well do to their shape and the inability to bend the grass.  If the grass could even bend just a little bit they all could have worked.


UGLY: The tray is solid and therefore can trap the water it catches which could lead to mold.  I haven’t had a mold issue but I also make sure to clean it out once a week and there is usually some stale water or grim in the tray.  If you hate cleaning this could be an issue for you.


**Note:  Boon sells three sizes of grass - Boon grass $15 (9.5x9.5" square which is pictured), Boon lawn $20 (13.5x11") and Boon Patch $11 (17.2x3.5).  You should buy the size the (1) works with your kitchen and (2) works for your needs.  At most I go through 4 bottles a day so the smaller size of the grass works great for me.


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