Skip*Hop Playspot Foam Floor Tiles

August 1, 2017






GREAT:  Stylish yet still practical.  When we were at our old house all we had was hardwood floors and an open concept.  It was a small house and the main room Christian played in and spent his day in was the living room – which you could see when you walked in the front door.  This was never a huge issue until he started sitting and I quickly realized the hardwood floor wasn’t going to work and I needed the foam tiles.  Prior to finding this I was so against the foam tiles because they were loud, screamed baby and clashed with the whole vibe of the house.  I didn’t want it to be screaming at people from the back corner of the room when they walked in the house.  Enter these.  Not only are they great at keeping the baby safe but they complement your home décor.  From the front door it looked like a cool rug rather than another baby item.  I’m a huge fan of baby items that don’t scream BABY and this is definitely one of those items.  There are multiple designs that you can build which allows you to get the perfect look for your house.


GOOD:  While I love it when the baby product is stylish I obviously care more that it functions great.  These tiles are a comfortable and safe spot for baby to explore and learn.  The minute your kid starts sitting you need to start protecting him from the house.  One second Christian would be sitting like a champ all by himself and the next second he was crashing to the floor.  Life is so much less stressful when the floor underneath the kid is soft.  I love these foam tiles – Christian learned to sit on them, he learned to crawl on them and he learned to stand on them.  They were such an awesome part of our life at the old house.  Even when he would take a tumble he would just look at me and smile since the fall never hurt him on these.  I even have used these outside on a pretty day to give my sons a soft surface to play on.  There are endless ways to use these tiles! 


BAD:  Price.  You are paying a premium to have the trendier color and design, but for me it was worth it due to the layout of our house and the place the tiles were going to be.  The other issue is when the kid gets older they can start taking it apart which can be annoying.  Christian only occasionally felt like doing this so it wasn’t a huge issue for me but if he really thought it was fun game I can see how it would get old quickly.


UGLY:  Nothing – I have nothing terrible to say about this product.  It was worth every penny and then some.  I highly recommend!


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