Brica Smart Move Car Seat Transporter

July 31, 2017








GREAT:  My husband and I recently took our first trip with both boys (19 months and 5 months) and this thing was AMAZING to have.  We bought our 19 month old his own seat and having him strapped into his car seat was hands down the easiest way to fly.  I was nervous with how we were going to cart the car seat, stroller and both kids through the airport without having a complete mental breakdown and this thing is what made the whole process a relatively happy one.  Convertible car seats are heavy and I couldn't imagine having to lug a car seat around an airport without it - for those who do more power to you I would not be able to make it.  This product provided a smooth ride and was extremely easy to use.  Even the TSA agent made a comment about how nice the ride was, how easy it was to use (as they had to take the car seat off to inspect) and said it was the nicest one she has yet to see while being on the job.  When not in use it folds down extremely compact making storing it in the overhead bin or even under the seat in front of you a breeze.

GOOD:  It couldn't have been simpler to use.  I was really worried about this before receiving as I didn't want to be the person holding everyone up on the plane.  The stress level traveling with kids is already high enough, nothing like having a plane full of people annoyed with you prior to take-off as well.  When it arrived I immediately opened it up expecting to have to practice for days - this was not the case.  I was able to strap the car seat on in 30 seconds (or less) and be on my way.  It took less than 30 seconds to remove as well.  This was great especially as we had to take apart to enter the plane as the plane aisle is way too narrow for the car seat to fit through.  It was a breeze for us and I'm pretty sure I got a couple jealous glares from other parents.

BAD:  I have the Nuna Rava and I felt like it was a little shaky when strapped in.  We had absolutely no issues with it during our travel, but as a mom I feel it would have been perfect if I could have gotten it a little bit tighter.  My son only rode in it only for a couple minutes because he wanted to run around, but I was worried it could tip sideways if he put some force into trying to get out of his seat when in motion.  This, of course, didn’t happen but it was the only concern I have on the product.

UGLY:  I don't have any ugly for this product; however, I will say to make sure you check to see that this is compatible with your car seat before purchasing.  The majority of lower star reviews I read were in frustration of it not working with their brand of car seat.


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