ezpz Happy Mat, Happy Bowl and Mini Mat

July 27, 2017




GREAT:  If you have a toddler then you are well versed in the game of “try to grab the plate before your child decides to throw it off the table” – it’s well beloved by those 12 months and older.  This helps prevent them from being able to play as the product “suctions” to the table making it difficult (but not impossible) for those tiny hands to throw.  I say “suctions” as it doesn’t technically suction to the table, but has more of a non-slip like feeling.  When placed on the table, it is near impossible to lift up by the plate/bowl, which is normally what the kids go for, you have to pick up by the corners of the mat.  Once Christian is done eating he wants the food away from him and will try to hand you the bowl or plate while saying ‘All done.’  Usually the bowl or plate tips and the food goes everywhere.  This has helped immensely.  Even though Christian has discovered the corner technique, it takes him multiple tries to get under the corners and he usually goes for the bowl/plate first before realizing he needs to go for the corners.  While he eventually can get it up, the structure of the product slows him down by making it much harder to throw, dump or hand me.  I now have more than enough time now to stop him before food goes everywhere.  I also use these mats for activity time - playing with kinetic sand, paints, etc.  The only one who hates this product is Roxy, our dog – she really enjoyed cleaning up Christian’s messes.


GOOD:  The product is made from 100% food-grade silicone that is BPA, BPS, PVC and phthalate free. If you order the Mini Mat version it arrives in a reusable bag that you can throw in your diaper bag to bring with you to restaurants or travel with. The mat is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe and like magic always looks brand new no matter how much use it gets.  I also love on the full versions you have a placemat and plate/bowl built in one – one product that helps with all the mess that comes with your toddler eating.  Keeps the table clean while also keeping the food on the table.


BAD:  There are some highchair brands that the EZPZ products do not work with, whether due to the fit or the inability to form a “suction” so please make sure to check that this will work with your high chair/table before purchasing.  I started using these the day I transferred Christian to his big-boy booster seat and they stick perfectly to our table.  These also work with our highchair and I will use with my youngest Thomas when he gets older – just didn’t know about them in time with Christian.


UGLY:  These are definitely on the more expensive side for kid’s tableware but a couple go a long way and the Great and Good described above make them worth their price.  Just think of how much money you will save by the food staying on the table.  Even more than that think how much chaos will be tamed by keeping the plates/bowls on the table and not thrown across the room  – it more than makes up for the price.


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