Puj Grippy Non-Slip Safety Adhesive Treads

July 26, 2017




GREAT:  They work – and they work great – simple as that.  Once Christian was able to sit up well by himself I wanted to move him to the regular tub as I’d knew he would have more fun once he had more room to splash around.  The first couple times in the big tub I had to constantly have one hand on him as he would slip and slide all over the place.  I knew there had to be a product out there to put a stop to this.  Enter these.  They met all of the criteria on my checklist and most importantly work perfectly.  Each circle is placed individually, so that you can cover the entire tub allowing for 1 or more little ones to happily take a bath.  Each circle has a grippy texture that helps keep your kids from slipping but is also soft enough to be gentle on the skin.  They are SOOOOOO easy to use.  Just peel and stick – can’t get simpler than that.  The directions state that you have to clean the tub with alcohol first, but I didn't listen to that and haven't had issues.  It also states to not use for 24 hours and I put in at night and didn't use till the next night.  Since putting these in the tub we haven’t had a single slip or tumble – can’t recommend these enough!


GOOD:  Bath safety that actually looks good.  These are cute and I’m happy to place them in my kid’s bathtub in order for them to be safe.  Obviously, safety is my first concern with all products I use on or with my kids, but when those products are actually cute to use it makes me that much more happy.  These are also made with no BPA and no PVC chemicals.  The treads remove easily and clean without damaging your tub or leaving a messy residue behind to clean. 


BAD:  Depending on the size of your tub you may have to purchase two packs.  There are 6 circles which are 6” in diameter in a pack.  For me, the 6 were the perfect amount to safely cover Christian’s bath tub.  If you had a large bath tub or a large shower you might not be able to fully cover the area with one package.


UGLY:  I have nothing ugly to say on this product.  I have purchased two packs  for two separate bath tubs and haven’t been disappointed.  It works, its cute and it keeps my kids safe.


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