Owlet Smart Sock 1

July 24, 2017



 GREAT:  Peace of mind.  As a first time mom you have enough things to worry about – the worrying is a full-time job that happens every hour of every minute of every second of every day.  I was terrified of SIDS because of the unknown and how it can happen while you sleep.  I knew if I could find a product to help take some of that worry away I would jump at the chance.  That is where the Owlet comes into play.  I loved the safety blanket the Owlet monitor gave me – knowing that there was something monitor my child’s heart rate and oxygen level while I was sleeping allowed me to sleep better.  The device should never take away from safe sleeping practices and the care of parents, but it helped me sleep better at night.  If I was ever feeling anxious, especially as my kids started sleeping longer stretches, I could roll over and check the app and then roll back over and go to sleep.  The Owlet will alert you to danger in two ways: 1) it will set off a loud beeping noise on the docking station and 2) it will begin beeping through the app on your phone.  The most important thing is that the alert is given before your child stops breathing or before their heart stops so that you have time to reach them and perform CPR and call for help.


GOOD:  The Owlet is simple to use.  You select the correct sock size for your child’s age, place on your child’s foot and turn on the base station and you are good to go.  The key is to make sure you place the sock on correctly else you are going to very quickly get annoyed with this device as an alert (different noise than a danger alert) will sound letting you know a reading can’t be made.  The app is simple and easy to read.  The sock is lightweight and soft and you are provided 3 different sock sizes so that you can use the device for the first year of baby’s life.  The electronic monitor can easily be removed from the sock so that you can wash if it gets dirty.  The original socks on the v1 were easier for the baby to kick off than the socks on the v2.  Luckily the company provided a free v2 sock to any owner of the v1 so I was able to use the new sock design with Thomas and it is 1 billion times better than the original sock design.  It is much more secure on the kid and harder for them to kick off.


BAD:  To me there are two big cons:  1) you must charge daily and 2) it can still slip off causing unnecessary panic.  With Thomas, I have the perfect set up where I mounted (using the 3M Velcro tape) the base station to the wall in-between the changing table and the crib so placing the sock back on the docking station to charge became simple as it was right next to the baby.  With Christian, it was farther away and it became easy to take the sock off and forget to walk over and place on the docking station after changing the diapers and PJs.   The false alarms are the worse – they are a different sound than the red alert danger sounds – but they are still annoying and wake you up and potentially the baby.  Usually it is because the baby kicked the sock off but can also be because the base station and sock disconnected from one another.  I have only had 5 false alarms between using this product with both Christian and Thomas so it doesn't happen often but when it does happen it takes a couple years off your life.


UGLY:  What I find ‘ugly’ about the product is the fact you are paying a high price but there is no way for the device to be updated with new versions.  I had the Sock 1 for less than a year before the Sock 2 was announced and released.   You would hope my Sock 1 could be updated to receive the benefits of the Sock 2 but it can’t.  In order to obtain those advances I would have to order a brand new unit which seems a little ridiculous to me.  The reason I love my baby monitor, the Nanit, so much is that when advances with the system are made my monitor updates with those changes – I’m not told I need to buy a new monitor.  I think the Owlet is worth the price right now, but there are some new products I’ve read about that are about to come onto the market that are going to give the Owlet a run for its money if they work the way they claim to work.


To purchase the Smart Sock 2 click below:


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