Boon Squirt Spoon

July 23, 2017




Great: I've found there is a gap between when my kids started eating food and when they mastered the skill of being able to eat straight out of the food pouches by themselves.  This is perfect for that gap period.  I use this when we are on the go and I want to have some solids for Thomas.  Instead of bringing a pouch or glass jar and a spoon I can just bring this.  The large easy to clean bulb holds up to 3oz of food and dispenses one bite at a time.  It's so easy to throw this in my diaper bag to take to lunch or dinner.  The spoon cap keeps it mess free and spill free and the whole product is easy to clean.


Good:  Simple.  This is easy one handed feeding which is amazing especially when dealing with multiple kids.  It is so simple to use as it is two pieces (three if you count the lid).  Just unscrew the bulb, fill with food, screw bulb back on and you are good to go.  The product is dishwasher safe, BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free. 


Bad:  The lid is a small separate piece and like socks and pacifiers can get lost easily.


Ugly:  When you are down to the last bites of food and you squeeze to push down to the spoon it can splatter out spraying tiny drops everywhere - if that makes sense.  It is a little annoying but not the end of the world.


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