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July 21, 2017







Yesterday was my favorite lightweight double stroller, today is my favorite Day 1 staple stroller.


Great:  When I was pregnant with my first child I knew I wanted a stroller I could use every day, whether taking a walk around the neighborhood, going to the supermarket/store/mall or walking on uneven terrain.  It also needed to be compatible with a car seat.  This stroller is perfect for that. 

  1. The storage on this stroller is ridiculous – I can do my grocery shopping, target run, shopping, etc using only stroller and never needing a shopping cart.  You could bring the baby’s entire nursery and still have room for more things – it has that kind of underneath storage.

  2. The wheels/frame is sturdy and heavy enough to be able to take on rougher terrain but still light enough to use as your day-to-day stroller when you have a newborn/1 kid (you can still use daily when you convert to a double stroller it just becomes much more bulky /heavy and takes up a lot more space).  I can easily fold it up and throw it in my trunk to take with me.  When I get to the store I can quickly snap baby’s car seat on and am good to go.  It has a super smooth ride even over rough surfaces, turns easily and has an automatic push to it rather than having to exert a ton of effort to push.

Good:  I knew I wanted to have more than one kid and this stroller can easily be converted to a double stroller (multiple configurations) or triple stroller (double stroller plus oldest rides on a board attachment).  It is a more expensive stroller but the fact that I could use with multiple kids made it worth it.  Buy this one stroller rather than buying a nice single baby stroller now and then a nice double stroller a couple years from now - or in my case 14 months later haha.  I will say that it becomes much bulkier when being used as a double stroller so once Thomas no longer needed to be in his car seat I did purchase a lightweight double stroller (my ZOE – see previous post) to use as my every day stroller for both kiddos.  I still use my UppaBaby when we are going somewhere that needs a more heavy duty stroller or when I’m running errands with just Thomas and wanting to keep him in his car seat.


Bad:  The base of the stroller is a little wide and there have been times that I’ve had trouble walking in close quarters (I’ve taken out some chairs and clothes racks before) but I would say 95% of the time I have no issue with the stroller.


Ugly:  Price – it is steep at $839 - $900 depending on color.  It does come with the bassinet (which you could sell if you didn’t want to use) and one seat, but you will most likely need to purchase the adapters for your car seat.  When you want to convert to a double stroller you will want to purchase the Rumble seat as well to get, in my opinion, the best configuration.  I used this stroller everyday with Christian for the first 14 months of his life.  I also used with Thomas (Thomas/Christian) the first 4 months of Thomas' life and, as I said above, still use anytime I need a more heavy duty stroller.  To me it is worth the cost and it has a great re-sale value to it if the day comes you no longer need it.


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