PooPoose Wiggle Free Diaper Changing Pad

July 12, 2017





GREAT:  I’ll admit it – I’m obsessed with this diaper changing pad and I don’t care who knows it!  I first thought this was ridiculous and gimmicky – do you really need a strap to hold the child?  YES 100% YES you need this in your life.  Prior to having this I would constantly put my child on the changing pad and then realize I forgot something or needed to go grab something mid-undressing and since there was no awesome poopoose strap I’d grab the child and take him with me.  Not anymore though.  I don’t think you realize how often you would use this strap until you have it.  I use it daily and no I’m not kidding.  It is helpful when I need to run and grab something (more wipes/diapers/etc).  It might be even more helpful as the kid gets older and you need to use the NoseFrida for the 100th time that day and he keeps trying to swat your hand away.  With this you just gently strap his arms down and you are good to go.  More recently I was grateful to have this when I had to do stretches on Thomas post-frenectomy procedure.  It was nice to be able to quickly secure him and his arms rather than putting him in a swaddle and subsequently making him hate the swaddle for fear of the stretches.  When I'm not needing the straps I just tuck them down to the side and they are out of my way.


GOOD:  This thing is sooooooooo easy to clean.  I was once like you guys and had the cute changing pad with the cute cover on it to go just perfectly with my nursery.  Then I had a kid and was washing it every other day due to my son peeing or pooping on it.  So then I bought the pad that you can put on top of your cover but after washing those a few hundred times I thought there had to be something better.  Enter the PooPoose.  The pad is water resistant and wipes clean in seconds.  No more washing anything!!!!  Its also hypoallergenic and made of high-quality contoured foam so you know its comfortable too.


BAD:  I really don’t have anything bad to say about the quality of the product – the only thing I could possible think of is that you don’t get the super cute print that matches your nursery perfectly.  There are ways around this, though you then take away the super easy clean goodness this pad has to offer.  You can put any changing pad cover on and cut holes where the straps fit through, or the company even offers so differently color changing pad covers. 


UGLY:  I have nothing ugly to say about this product.  It is seriously the best.  I know it seems like it would be a ridiculous product but I swear to you it will change your life!


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