Kiinde Breastmilk Bags, Bottle System and Warmer

July 11, 2017





GREAT:  I'm most obsessed with the breastmilk bags.  I love the screw top which allows me to feed confident the breastmilk is locked in.  They are also super easy to store - I freeze laying flat and then place upright in bins with the dates showing.  They are also compact enough the fit in the freezer bins when you start running out of room.  The bags work with any pump as there are attachments that you can purchase through Kiinde or on Amazon.  I've yet to have a bag leak or break (I'd seriously cry if that ever happened and I lost my precious milk) and they fit perfectly in the warmer.  There are two different sizes - 6oz and 8oz so that you can choose how much milk you want to store in each bag.  I personally only store 2oz at a time at the beginning and then increase to 4oz.  When I start weaning I usually go up to 8oz as I know the baby will drink all 8oz throughout the day.


The warmer is also amazing.  The bags fit great into it - I can even do two bags at once.  The system uses a SAFEHeat technology that provides a circulating bath of warm water to improve warming efficiency, allowing the use of lower temperature water.  Takes me about 10 minutes for frozen breastmilk and 5 minutes for thawed breastmilk.


GOOD:  The system works together.  You can pop the bag into the bottle system, put on a nipple and give to baby.  This eliminates the hassle of cleaning 1 billion bottle parts as the only piece you need to clean before the next use is the nipple - talk about saving you time and money!  Also no more risk of losing breastmilk when transferring from bag to bottle - you feed baby directly out of bag so no more tears over spilled milk.


BAD:  I found the bag bottle feeding a little confusing the first couple times (especially when I was a first time mom) - I always second guessed whether or not all the air was out of the bag.  I've definitely used and have had no issues with baby; however, with Christian I used Dr. Brown bottles more often as he had reflux issues and they worked great for him.  I have found that when I find something that works I become a creature of habit and therefore have used the Dr. Brown bottles with Thomas when he gets bottles.  I'm so obsessed with the bags and warmer though I don't mind not using the bottle system.


UGLY: I don't have anything terrible to say about this product - I've had a great experience using the bags and the warmer and highly recommend.


To purchase the Kiinde bags



To purchase the Kiinde warmer



To purchase the Kiinde bottle system CLICK HERE



To purchase the Kiinde pump adapters CLICK HERE


To purchase the Kiinde starter kit (includes all the above)


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