Fisher Price 4-in-1 Step 'n Play Piano

July 11, 2017







GREAT:  Months and months and months of entertainment.  There is so much for your kids to do and it grows with your child.  Both my kids started using around 4 months when they had great head control but needed assistance sitting up.  To make it compatible with this age I wrap a blanket around them when they are sitting in the seat to make it more secure for them.  You can choose short-play, long-play or baby makes the music depending on what your kid feels like.  There are light up drums, sliding music note clickers, microphone that rattles, tambourine, a guitar with rollerball and slider on strings and a headphone mirror.  I’ve had this in storage for the last couple months as I swapped it out for some new toys for Christian and recently brought it back out now that Thomas is old enough for it.  I’m not sure who loves it more, Christian or Thomas.  Anytime baby brother isn’t in it, Christian will ask him if he wants to ‘play’ and will pat the seat.  If he realizes brother isn’t going to play in it he hops right in and has the time of his life.  It is great entertainment for both my 19 month old and 4.5 month old.


Good:  I love that the toy grows with your child and really encourages interactive play. You can use the piano mat as a comfortable spot for tummy time and back play for when the baby is an infant, the seat for when baby can’t quite stand/walk and you can remove the seat for toddler play. The seat spins 360 degrees and allows baby to walk forward and backward. There is so much for baby to hear, touch and feel that it encourages movement. When Christian was almost walking we removed the seat and he would practice walking back and forth between the two sides as he could use the sides to keep his balance. Now he uses it as a jungle gym and climbs into the seat on his own laughing the entire time.


Bad:  There are two things I would change about this toy:  (1) I wish it had a bouncy aspect to it.  The seat is just a normal seat but can spin 360 degree to be able to look at all the toys. (2) I love that baby can walk back and forth; however, it takes extra strength to do so as it doesn’t slide super easily.  I usually have to help push while the kiddo is walking.  My 19 month old can move it really easily but when he was 7/8/9/10 etc. months old it was difficult.


Ugly:  Really hard, slightly impossible to disassemble for storage.  I started trying to disassemble when I was putting away to store but found it near impossible.  Then I started reading reviews about how people were basically breaking it in order to disassemble so I stopped trying.  I was able to store in our toy closet and it wasn’t a huge hassle but I know storage can be a big deal for people.


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