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July 7, 2017






GREAT:  Entertainment for days and days and days.  Whereas most activity mats are made for the kid to lay on his/her back this is made for multiple positions - on the back, on the tummy, sitting up and even standing.  There is so much for the child to look at and interact with.  A sound-activated dancing fox, a pull-string owl that says "Hoo Hoo", a large mirror, a light-up ball, a ball with little balls inside, a bee that rattles and a musical hedgehog to name a few.  The mat is soft and comfortable and includes crinkle flaps for additional ways to engage the child.  There is also parent pocket behind the mirror that you can slide your phone into to take pictures or videos of the kid playing.  This is helpful because the kid can't see the phone and get distracted.


GOOD:  The activity bar has two positions for overhead and seated play which is especially unique to this activity mat and is what makes it so versatile and great for tummy time.   Other activity mats only have overhead play so when you try to flip the kid over for tummy time all the entertainment is gone.  Most kids already hate tummy time enough as is, but to then have nothing to stare or play with makes it worse.  Not with this mat.  Simply move the activity bar to seated play and now all the toys are at eye level to entertain the kid while doing tummy time.


BAD:  You need to have extra batteries on hand because the fox can drain the battery pretty quickly if you aren't careful since it is sound activated.  It is easy for you to think the fox is off as he isn't moving, but in reality he was on just not dancing at the time and now you have left him on all day and drained his batteries.


UGLY:  There isn't an ugly for this product.  It is a well-made and well thought out product that is perfect for your baby.  Even my toddler is still entertained by this product.


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