Nuna Rava - Convertible Car Seat

July 6, 2017






GREAT:   I'm obsessed with this car seat.  I've already sold several friends on it and plan on selling several more.  As always, the most important thing in a car seat is safety and this thing is loaded with safety features.  You have the energy absorbing foam and side impact protection, all steel frame and reinforced belt path, colored belt path indicators to help decrease the risk of user error - the list can go on and on.  One of the most important safety features to me is that you can have your child rear facing up to 50lbs.  We plan to keep our children rear facing till at least 2 (at which point we will re-evaluate each child individually) so longer term rear facing is important to me.  To help keep the child comfortable rear facing is the laid back legroom that provides 2 more inches of leg room.


As Nuna says on their website this car seat is uncomplicated, un-fussy and exceeds American safety standards.


GOOD:  I can install this in the car in less than 30 seconds which is amazing and makes it easy to transfer between my car and my husband's car when needed.  It's also incredibly stable when installed - I can't shake or move it at all and I've even made my husband try with no success.  Some other great features that make life easier is the no-thread adjustable headrest, push button recline, two cup holders that fold down when not in use and breathable/washable fabric.


BAD:  I honestly can't say anything bad about this car seat.  There isn't anything I would like to see done differently; however, there is one ugly truth about the car seat below.


UGLY: The price - its steep at $449.95 but this thing can be used for years and then passed down to siblings.  If you are going to splurge on a product related to the baby the car seat is it as it could one day save your child's life.  If you are going to spend money somewhere spend it here rather than the nursery - which while it looks pretty isn't quite as life changing as a car seat.


To purchase the Nuna Rava CLICK HERE









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