Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance

July 5, 2017




 GREAT:  Perfect spot for baby to comfortably and safely rest while being able to observe the world around him/her.  I love this seat as it has three different recline positions which allow you to use the product from 8lbs to 29lbs.  My youngest son, Thomas, isn't quite sitting on his own yet as he is only 4 months old.  He enjoys the Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up but only for a short period of time as holding his head/upper body up is still quite the chore for him.  He is at the age where is he is over being laid down everywhere forced to stare at the ceiling so this chair is the best place for him.  It comfortably forms to his body, almost cocooning him in the mesh fabric.  He is able to bounce himself by kicking his legs or I am able to gently bounce him when he gets fussy.  My oldest son, Christian, is also obsessed with sitting in this chair and bouncing himself - so much so that he will run and climb in it whenever he sees that brother isn't using it.  It is durable and high-quality and will easily last for years to come.


GOOD:  It folds flat which makes it perfect for carrying around the house and storing it.  I am easily able to carry this and baby Thomas as it is lightweight and folds flat allowing you to carry with one hand.  When I'm not using it, I can quickly throw in the closet as it takes up very little space.


BAD:  The standard bouncer doesn't come with any additional accessories and I found that without the toy bar both my sons got bored being it it pretty quickly as they got older.  Therefore, I highly encourage you to buy the toy bar in addition to the seat which does up the ugly price below.  It would be nice if it came with an accessory to entertain the kid.


UGLY:  The price - its up there at $160 - $240 depending on the option that you choose.  I will say this is a product that you can and will use for years and for multiple children so when you take the price and split it out over time and children it is worth it.









































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