What's In My Diaper Bag?

July 1, 2017



1).  Aquaphor - a.k.a. the duck tape of the baby world.  There is nothing it can't do - pretty sure it could defuse a bomb 😂. I never leave home without it.


2).  Milk Snob Cover - great as a car seat cover or mommy cover when breastfeeding.  Always take it with me because I never know when I'll need it.


3).  Travelon Packing Square Medium - holder for the Pamper Swaddler diapers (for both boys) and changing pad


4).  Travelon Packing Square Large - change of clothes, baby banana teether and pacifier for Thomas.  Table place-mat and snacks for Christian


5).  Re-play Double Snack Stack - More snacks because I have an 18 month old boy and he eats as if his stomach is a black hole


6).  Smart Noggin Stik - every bag needs a toy that puts baby into a trance and this is that toy.  Baby loves the colors and it's easy for him to hold and play with


7).  Hand Sanitizer - because life is filled with a whole lot more germs once kids arrive


8).  Uber Mom Wipebox - I prefer a structured case for my wipes as it makes it easier to put in pockets of a diaper bag


9).  Water - when I breastfeed I get thirsty so I never go anywhere without a bottle water


10). Keys and Wallet - because you have to drive and pay for things


To purchase Milk Snob Cover CLICK HERE


To purchase Travlon Packing Squares CLICK HERE


To purchase Re-play Double Snack Stack CLICK HERE


To purchase Smart Noggin Stik CLICK HERE


To purchase Uber Mom Wipebox CLICK HERE


To purchase Lily Jade Diaper Bag CLICK HERE


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