Diaper Pail - Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

June 29, 2017





GREAT:   The ability to trap in odors, especially for diapers of older toddlers, is absolutely amazing!!  I used to be a Diaper Genie girl because that is really all anyone ever talked about when it came to diaper pails and I didn't do any research at the time of my first son for any other options out there.  As my eldest son, Christian, got older and his poops got smellier I became more and more disappointed in my Diaper Genie. I even resorted to putting different types of air fresheners in the Diaper Genie but nothing worked - it just became rose covered poop which was awful!  When my Diaper Genie unexpectedly broke I was secretly relieved and excited as it meant I could do some research and find the perfect diaper pail - enter the Munchkin Step Diaper Pail.  This thing is beyond amazing at trapping and defusing the smell of even the poopiest of diapers.  Since having this diaper pail there hasn't been one day where I've smelled an old diaper when throwing a new one away.  My son recently had a stomach bug which caused the WORST smelling diapers and this thing held up like a champ.  I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

GOOD:  All about the features.  One of the most surprising and 'why doesn't all diaper pails have this' feature is the cutting device that is built into the system.  It is nice to be able to cut the full bag out without having to hunt down the scissors.  I also love that you use the step to open the pail but you have to manually close it so that my husband or babysitter doesn't assume it will close on its own inevitably leaving it half open (this helps assist in ensuring the smells are locked it).  I love that the bags and baking soda device are lightly scented giving a fresh smell and I really really love the self-sealing system and how  you can see the bags get sealed down when closing the lid.


BAD:  The Munchkin is a little larger in size than the Diaper Genie so it will take up a little more space in the nursery.


UGLY:  The Munchkin is slightly more expensive than the Diaper Genie ($59.99 vs. $39.99), but it is worth every penny to keep those smells locked in.  You can also tell the higher quality of the Munchkin by the look and feel - the Munchkin is much more solid and built from higher quality material.






* Fun note - for every Munchkin diaper pail sold, Munchkin plants a tree.  Make a difference in the world while keeping your house smelling fresh and clean :)




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