June 28, 2017






It is getting HOT where I live in Texas; therefore, I thought now would be a great time to introduce you to the best window shade there is :)


GREAT:  FULL coverage from the sun!  My back windows have two sections (see photo above) - the main window and then this smaller triangular window.  All the other standard car shades on the market that stick to the window that you see in all the baby stores don't block the sun from entering the small triangular window.  I used to think that wasn't a big deal until we were driving home from Houston and the sun happened to be in the perfect spot to blast my son in the face the ENTIRE car ride home, meaning he did not sleep one bit and he got HOT.  I immediately started researching trying to find something that would cover the whole window and I stumbled upon this and it is one of the best things I've ever purchased.  It also helps keep the car seats cooler during the hot Texas summers since it protects the whole window from getting any sun in the car.


GOOD:  Easy to use - think of it as putting a sock on your car window.  You just slip it on and you are good to go!

BAD:  Since the device slips around the whole window you see the Shadesox from outside your car as well.  It changes the look of the car and took a little getting used to but for me was completely worth it knowing the sun is out of my kid's face.

UGLY:  The big complaint that I read about this product is that it makes it slightly harder to see when changing lanes.  I say "read" here because I don't think it is that different and isn't a huge problem for me, but my car also has side sensors that helps me with the blind spot anyways.  I would recommend driving around for just a bit to get use to the different view prior to driving with your kids.




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