B.Box Sippy Cup

June 27, 2017




GREAT:  This cup is sooooooooo easy for my son to use.  He could easily hold it from a young age (started using at 7 months only because I didn't know about it earlier) and took to drinking out of it quickly.  The weighted straw is perfect as he is always able to get the beverage no matter how he holds the cup.  I plan on using these cups for my 2nd at a much earlier age since it really is so simple to use. 


GOOD:  Easy to take on the go as it doesn't spill or leak and is pretty durable.  Whether the lid is open or shut - nothing is coming out of the straw unless a kid is drinking from it.  The easy open and close top makes it perfect for little hands to be able to use as well.  Our cups have been thrown and dropped from the high chair more times than I care to count and still work perfectly.  We also use these cups everyday for my son to drink his milk out of (we use a different cup for water which will be a later post) and I've never had to replace a cup, just the straw.  Every now and again if my son uses enough force the cap will pop off but it takes less than 1 second to pop back on.  He has yet to be able to break one and that isn't for a lack in trying.


BAD:  Cleaning was a bit of a challenge at first until I watched a video on their website - now it is a breeze.  The trick is to fill with soapy water, shut the lid and then shake vigorously upside down for 10 seconds.  Then open the lid and the pressure will have built up enough that if you squeeze the top of the straw the soapy water will shoot through the straw cleaning out the straw.  Then repeat the above steps with clean water and you now have a clean straw.  I then throw in the dishwasher and the cups are good as new.


UGLY:  Every now and then the cups will squirt out liquid if the pressure in them is off.  I haven't been able to figure out why this happens because it happens to us infrequently, but when it does it is super annoying.  My quick fix is that I unscrew the top ever so slightly and it balances out the pressure.  If it starts happening more frequently on a specific cup I usually replace the straw and no longer encounter the problem. 



To purchase Replacement Straws:



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