Guidecraft Kitchen Helper

June 23, 2017






GREAT:  My 18 month old son absolutely LOVES cooking with his daddy.  When he first wanted to cook I made my husband baby wear him as he wanted to be up where the action was but my husband needed both of his hands in order to cook. After researching I found this and it has been amazing.  It allows my son to be counter height while being protected on all sides.  He is able to climb out of it but isn't quite tall enough to get into it by himself yet.  It feels very sturdy and safe.  It is secure and doesn't wobble even when my son starts dancing while in it. My husband places a cutting board in front of him and gives him his "tools" (measuring spoons) and they have a blast for the next 30 minutes cooking a meal for mommy.


GOOD:  Ability to be stored.  When I started researching and found this product I realized there are two main companies that make a product like this (Guidecraft and Little Partners).  In looking through reviews of both products, the main difference seemed to be that Guidecraft could be folded for storage whereas Little Partners could not.  Since the product is pretty big I wanted to be able to put it away when we had guest over and therefore Guidecraft won out.


BAD:  If I could change one thing I would add a removable bar to each of the open sides so that you could lessen the space while the child is young.  My son hasn't ever even gotten close to falling out but I have read stories where the child fell through the open sides.  Unfortunately, neither Guidecraft or Little Partners have this ability.  


UGLY:  My son has recently realized that he can move the stand by himself; therefore, he will drag it across the hardwood floors.  It would be nice if the feet had some protection so that it wouldn't scrape up the floors.  This is an easy fix as I went on Amazon and purchased some felt pads to put on the bottom of the feet so that now when my son drags the helper across the kitchen my floors are protected.




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