Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

June 22, 2017




GREAT: This seat is super supportive which is great for babies that are just beginning to learn to sit up, but who have good head control.  It has plenty of body support so my son is always upright.  I didn't use this till about 4 months with my 1st kid, but my 2nd son has had exceptional head control from a very young age so we started using at around 2 months.  Usually, he lays next to me in the Dock-A-Tot while the rest of the family eats breakfast and dinner; however, more and more he wants to be apart of the action.  This chair is amazing for that.  I place him in it and he is able to interact with the family in a safe and supportive place.  I let him stay in it as long as he is sitting up strong and is happy - if that criteria is met he is allowed to join the family at the table for as long as he would like. 


With my first I originally had registered and received the Bumbo as I had heard so much about it but I just never felt that he was very secure or supported in that seat.  I love the FP Sit-Me-Up better as I think it can be used for a much longer amount of time.  I feel like my children were able to use it at a younger age than the Bumbo. 


GOOD:  Features.  I love that it folds down flat making it extremely easy to carry around the house or store when not in use.  Since the chair has padding under the legs, it makes a great seat for outdoors as well.  I love that I can place on the grass when its nice outside and he can enjoy looking around the yard and watching brother play rather than laying on his back looking at the clouds.  I love that there are two toys that you can attach or remove from the chair.  This provides him entertainment, something to chew on and helps give motor skills a boost by encouraging him to reach for the toys.  Finally the fabric chair is removable and washable so no worries about spills, drool or spit-up.


BAD:  A little difficult to get the baby out of sometimes.  Every now and again my son will hook his foot around the leg hole so that when I pull him up to take him out his legs are stuck.  You then have to become super ninja mom trying to hold the baby while also maneuvering him out of the device.  It doesn't happen every time but when it does it can be a little annoying.


UGLY:  This product doesn't have an ugly side.  Overall it has been a great and useful product for me and is currently being enjoyed by my youngest son.





* Note - my pictures show the chair on a table or counter - this is for pictures.  Do not put child in this on a high surface, especially without supervision.

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