June 20, 2017





GREAT:  This is the perfect outdoor spot baby can hang out while being completely protected from the elements.   I have a toddler and a newborn and my toddler does not care that I have a newborn to look after.  He still wants to run around outside, swim in the pool and be pushed on the swing.  Prior to this device that was hard to do.  Sure, I can baby wear but it is hot outside where I live and the baby would get hot and I would get hot and while you can do a lot of things while baby wearing it is always easier to do those things without a baby attached to you.  So I started researching and found this.  My son loves it and he is protected from the sun, insects, bugs - pretty much all elements of the outdoors.  It is slightly off the ground and provides him a safe space to lay and play while letting me run around with big brother.


GOOD:  Easy to use and lightweight.  I can carry it with one hand while holding the baby in the other.  It takes about two seconds to set up from out of the box and you are good to go.  It can fold down to a pretty flat position for easy storage.  It feels high quality at a reasonable price ($69.99).  This product is perfect for the backyard, beach, park, lake and anywhere else outdoors you are going.


BAD:  If you are somewhere hot with no breeze it can get a little stuffy even with the great mesh material.  To fix this for extra hot days I bought a clip-on fan which I attache to one of the toys hanging from the top of the device so that baby gets extra circulation and airflow.


UGLY:  Nothing - this is a great product that serves an awesome purpose that was missing from the marketplace.




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