June 18, 2017





GREAT:  Easy to use and I truly mean that, I don't think they could make it any easier.  This thing is sooooooo easy to use (did I mention it is easy to use?).  I really wanted to baby wear with my first but all the wraps I had were so confusing with 1 billion yards of fabric that I never got the hang of them to where I felt comfortable enough carrying my baby around.  On the off chance I actually felt like I did it correctly it was 2 hours later and my son was over the idea of being worn.  With the birth of my second son I knew baby wearing wasn't an option it was a requirement as my two boys are 14 months apart.  So prior to the birth of #2 I began the search for the perfect carrier.  Enter the Baby K'Tan.  I LOVE that it still has the wrap feel but with the ease of a structured carrier.  I can put it on in 20 seconds without second guessing whether or not I did it right.  It also feels extremely secure so I could truly use it and be hands free.  I used this almost everyday when my second arrived and I used it from day 1 which was another added benefit (the recommended weight per the manufacturer is 8lbs - 35lbs - I used with my son at 7lbs though).


GOOD:  Price.  You can get it brand new between $50-60 depending on which model you get (original vs. breeze vs. active) which is right in-line with other wraps on the market.  The difference between the Baby K'Tan and other wraps is that you will actually use the Baby K'Tan since they made it idiot proof.


BAD:  I live in the South and it gets hot here - really hot.  I purchased the Breeze which has mesh paneling to let the air flow but my son would still get quite hot if I was wearing him for extended periods of time.  In order to keep him comfortable I always have him in a short sleeve onesie or even straight diaper to make sure he stays cool enough while being worn.


UGLY:  Not a one size fits all type product.  Since the wrap is already "pre-made" you can't share with your partner as you have to buy your size in order to ensure the correct fit for you and the baby.  Therefore, if your partner is also wanting to baby wear you would need to buy two - one for you in your size and one for your partner in their size (unless of course you and your partner are the same size).  The other downside is the life of the product.  What I mean by that is that I think this is the most amazing wrap out there until the kid is about 4-5 months old - then it starts getting a little uncomfortable for me as it starts hurting my back due to the stretchy material of the product.  I like to go with a more structured carrier around the 4-5 month mark but that is also a personal preference as you can use the Baby K'Tan up to 35lbs.  Prior to the 4-5 month mark though I use my Baby K'Tan every single day and it is amazing and worth just having it for those early months.




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