June 17, 2017






GREAT:  Safety, safety, safety.  This car seat is loaded with great safety features which is the number one priority when looking for a car seat for your new baby.  I'm going to have to get a little technical for this one so bear with me:


                * Telescopic Linear Side-Impact Protection (L.S.P):  you can see in the picture that there is a silver knob on either side of the car seat that you can pull out when in the car.  These knobs quickly absorb side-impact forces and channel them through the flexible, EPS energy absorbing foam-lined shell


               * Adjustable Load Leg Base: this prevents the seat from rotating forward and keeps it at the same angle during a crash to allow the back of the seat to perfectly support and protect the baby's head, neck and spine.


             * Load Leg:  this channels a large amount of the crash energy into the vehicle floor to help decrease forces on the baby by up to 50%.


When installed properly in the car the base of the car seat is the most stable and secure I've yet to see.  The base does not wiggle or move even a millimeter which can't be said for all car seats.


GOOD:  Features - and this car seat has an abundance of them but it has two features that I absolutely love that are unique to Cybex.


The first, and my absolute favorite, feature is that the car seat will fully recline to a laid back position when not in the car.  This is clutch for when your baby falls asleep in the car and you don't want to risk waking him by transferring him to the crib.  Now normally you are advised against letting a baby sleep in the car seat due to the position they are sitting in; however, with this seat you can lay the seat back placing the child in a full-recline ergonomically correct position (always still keep an eye on your child).  I also love using this feature when out at restaurants.  It allows my baby to peacefully sleep in a comfortable and safe position when we are out and about.


The second awesome feature is the XXL canopy.  It basically puts the child in a full cocoon covering almost their entire body.  My husband jokes that our son is in his spaceship pod when I have the canopy fully out.  This paired with the recline makes it an amazing resting stop for baby while on the car.


BAD:  Weight.  This is not the lightest car seat on the market so if weight is a huge deal to you, this may not be the one for you.  It's approximately 13.9lbs without the baby.  I know that sounds like a lot but if you haven't had a child yet I'll let you in on a little secret - mom strength.  Something happens after pushing out a baby - you magically become stronger when it comes to being able to carry a car seat.  Before having kids I would try to help my sister with her kids and could barely lift her car seat.  It was a legit fear of mine for when I was having my first child - how in the world am I going to carry the car seat???  Low and behold I've never had a problem ever since I gave birth to my first :)


UGLY:  Price*.  It is on the higher end of car seats at $299.99.  With the price comes the quality and you can feel the quality in every detail of this car seat.


* I promise not every UGLY post will be the price.  I know my first two post are on the higher end of things but the majority of products I love are not - just hang in there with me.


OTHER:  There is another infant car seat that I absolutely love - the Nuna Pipa.  If you are really concerned about weight this is a great option at 7.7lbs.  It is lightweight but still packed with safety features.  It also has the dream-scape which basically provides full coverage from the sun and elements using magnet closures.  It has the same cost so I always tell people if weight is a huge issue and priority then go with the Nuna.  If you are out and about a lot and want a safe place for your kid to be able to sleep while on the go then go with the Cybex.






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