CRIB MATTRESS: Newton Baby Wovenaire

June 16, 2017





GREAT:  Breathable - and I'm not just saying that because I read it on their website.  I have shoved my face into this thing and could easily breath.  As a mom we worry, worry and then worry some more - especially when it comes to sleep.  And as a mom the one thing you always need more of is sleep so why not have a mattress that takes a teeny tiny bit of that worry away from you.  This mattress gives me a little peace of mind that should my son decide to be a tummy sleeper the world will not end.  I won't have to check on him every 30 seconds.  I say 30 seconds because that is how long I can hold my breath and therefore if I'm struggling to breath he will be struggling to breath and I should rush into his room and flip him onto his back for the 1,000th time that night.


Even with a breathable mattress, back is best, but let's face it sometimes our kids don't care about safety or best practices and instead do exactly what they want to do.  This mattress allows them to be them and you to not worry quite as much.


You can still use a sheet on the mattress but it has to be a breathable sheet or else you completely defeat the purpose of this mattress.  I use Aden and Anais and they work perfectly.  They are incredibly soft, comfortable and breathable while still being cute enough to go in your nursery :)


GOOD:  This might sound weird but I love the fit of the mattress in the crib.  This thing fits as if it was custom made for my son's crib - no gaps anywhere, even at the four corners.  My older son's mattress is great (different brand), but doesn't fit as well at the corners and therefore those corners have become the black hole for pacifiers and also my son's most favorite game - throw as many pacifiers down the holes as soon I step out of the room and then yell because he doesn't have anymore pacifiers left :(  This means I'm laying on the floor climbing under the crib scooping up dropped pacifiers because of course the game is only fun when you drop them down the back corner holes.  My youngest will never discover the joy of this game as his mattress is snug as a rug just as it should be.


BAD:  This seems silly but as a mom the middle of the night blowout diaper is your worst friend.  That is why I employ the awesome mom hack of doubling up on my oldest son's bed (waterproof pad / sheet / waterproof pad / sheet).  This way if something happens you just take the top layer of pad/sheet off and put the kid back in as there are another set of sheets ready to go.  You can't do that with this mattress due to the breath-ability factor - in fact you can't put a waterproof pad on at all.  I mean you could do it but then you take away what is great about the mattress which is the main selling point for buying. 


You can clean the mattress - the cover goes in the washing machine and the mattress actually goes in the tub.  Therefore, you could get a second cover as I feel like most accidents will just hit the cover and not fully penetrate the mattress (or at least could survive for the remainder of the night).  However, the covers aren't cheap ($80) nor is the mattress (see the ugly below) so this might not always be an option - hence the bad.  One good thing about the covers though is that they come in white, blue, pink or grey - so you could just have the cover and not use a sheet.


UGLY:  Sweet and simple - the price.  I'm going to be honest with you guys the price is on the higher end of crib mattresses ($295); however, I think it is worth the price for the peace of mind.  Plus your kid could be sleeping on this things for quite some time and then the mattress can be passed down to the next kid - so we are talking years of use.  The crib mattress is the baby product that will get the most use and therefore if you are going to splurge on an item for your kiddo this is a good one to splurge on.


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